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Hand crafted, stylish, innovative ceramic stoves.

Designed to save money on your heating.

Cut your heating Bills by over 60%

Our stoves maintain maximum heat output for over 10 hours

The best value Masonry Stove wood burner in the UK

It can replace expensive gas and oil central heating

Easily and Efficiently Heat Large Spaces

Heat spaces up to 150 sq meters with one stove.

Proven to save more than 60% of central heating bills

Cornish Masonry Stoves are Eco-friendly

Carbon neutral wood burning, cleaner and more cost effective than gas, LPG and oil systems

Lifespan: Properly cared for, it will last for generations – unlike other heaters it’s highly durable and does not degrade over time

Sustainable – doesn’t rely on insecure imported unsustainable fossil fuels.

Stylish: Unlike ordinary black metal wood burners, the unique porcelain finish beautifully complements most interior styles from contemporary to industrial to traditional.

Designed in natural white clay it can be stained, painted or even tiled –  presenting a huge range of colour and designs options.

A beautifully crafted centre-piece for your home.

Our Stoves are rated from 4.9 up to 20 Kilowatts output and can heat spaces from 10 sq meters to 150 sq meters.

"The fire got quite hot and is still warm when we come down in the morning.  It has been much admired especially by my step dad-in-law who is a bit of an inventor himself.”

Stephen West and Shani Rhys James

 "I love this stone storage concept, it’s not an excessive heat like you get with metal stoves in fact it’s a bit like a 1-ton hot water bottle in your house that you can give a big hug, or quicky warm up your jeans..."  Kevin varndell (See testimonials)

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