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Why masonry log burners?

Why ceramic masonry stoves are the ultimate log burners

  • Beautiful, Stylish, Contemporary. Crafted with Cornish porcelain ceramic.

  • Double the efficiency of most other log burners, innovative, Award winning.

  • Cut your heating bills by more than 60%.

  • Easily connected to existing heating systems, central heating, hot water.

  • Save time. Light once for overnight heating.

  • Versatile, easily clad with tiles or stone to suit your home.


The modern components, unique formula ceramic, Venturi choke, large radiating glass door and secondary combustion chamber make this clean burning and state of the art. Its stylish yet rugged, a practical home, studio or office heater.

Delivers dependable heat, not requiring moving parts or electric. CE marked and certified as 4.9 Kilowatts but with a much longer heating capability than other heaters.

The Homeheater is ready to buy now. Other products using our unique ceramic formula include Fire Bowls and a pizza oven which are undergoing rigorous testing.
A schematic is LINKED HERE (below) as a .jpg for your architect or as a 3D file which we can send on request..

Best for efficiency and value


  • More eco-friendly than gas and oil systems:

  • uses sustainable fuel which is carbon neutral

  • Highly durable – it will last for generations

  • Awarded ‘Best Innovator for a Sustainable Future’ at the Cornish Sustainability Awards, 2015


  • The most versatile, and contemporary-looking log burner

  • A unique porcelain finish complements most interiors from classic to contemporary

  • Stain, paint or tile it to create a customised look

  • A beautifully crafted design-piece for your home

  • Award- Winning Local Business Innovation

  • Hand crafted in Cornwall using Cornish porcelain, the finest clay in the world

  • An innovation bought to you by a local family-run business

  • The UK’s best value masonry stove log burner

  • Not reliant on expensive, unsustainable fossil fuels

  • 2x more efficient than most log burners

  • 3x more efficient than an open fire

  • Replace gas or oil central heating to
    save >60% on bills


  • Very low maintenance: creates a fraction of the usual soot

  • removable through easy cleaning ports

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