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Heating your home, not your chimney



Please call: +44 (0)7887 586461 to place an order. Alternatively use the Product Enquiry form below to email us.

Dimensions: 1080mm tall, 790mm wide and 500mm deep, not inc chimney.

Weight: 750kg. Extra layers 100kg each

*Price stated is subject to change. Please get in touch for a full quote

Additional costs include:

- Installation by our crew of certified specialists £630.-

- Transportation of the HomeHeater by pallet on average (in UK) £170.-


Additional information

Reinvented from an ancient technology akin to a Finnish tile stove, this super efficient heater will save you time and money. We have designed it to replace your oil, LPG or gas fueled appliances. It looks reassuringly solid like white marble or terrazzo alone- but can also be tiled to produce any finish you choose.

It is about the size of a small cooker and provides the thermal mass necessary for warming your home throughout the night and morning. After the fire is out it radiates heat for another 10 hours using just 4.15kgs of wood. It burns hotter giving you a class leading efficiency of 84%.

This super efficient heater will save you time and money. It is an impressive quality made stove.  This stove will easily warm spaces above 1600sq ft,  150sqM. A large door gives an uninterrupted view of the fire burning and can take logs of up to 42cms long. This stove is designed for modern living with its clean lines and marble like style.

The Homeheater story

The Homeheater is the result of six years of R&D and prototype experimentation. The high performance ceramic was formulated with help from experts in Goonvean and Imerys technical departments.

The efficiency, safety and reliability has recently been proved in an internationally respected laboratory. Over five days and 10 firings the stove was tested to the most exacting standards (including  EN15250.) by  the team in SGS laboratories, Holland. The Homeheater is pictured above in the lab – note the test patches and lines for heat sensors. The heater managed to go beyond our high expectations it easily passed the CE safety and performance standards. We rated it as a 4.9 KW heater and recommend it for spaces of 1600sq ft,  150sqM however  it was demonstrated in the laboratory to perform up to 20.5 KWs. This can heat up to 13,000 cubic feet or 370 cubic meters of space.

It can have a heat exchanger or boiler added and be easily be connected to existing central heating to run radiators or for hot water.

It has been designed to hold tiles of any shape or colour, often used in Scandinavia to duct warm air into benches or other rooms.


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