We have had a lot of positive feedback from our clients, a few are given below.
More can be found on our Facebook page. We would like to say a big thank you to all those who have sent letters and pictures.

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Ever since we have had it the dining room has become the hub of the house that we are all reluctant to leave. The girls find it very tactile (this photo was taken about 5 hours after it had gone out and was still all lovely and warm and it wasn’t posed she was genuinely hugging it!).”

Caroline Pearce

We think lots of people will want to come and stay and look at the stove as well as the views!” and  “The stove looks and performs wonderfully, I think every Cornish winter will now be transformed.”

Emma and Dennis Wielhahn

Homeheater in MVHR

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“We are so delighted with the stove – it looks perfect in the house!”

Adaline and Cameron, Northern Scotland

“Peak heat seems to be 2 hours after lighting.. First fire got the heater warm and the second fire we lit 5 hours later and it was probably bigger than 1.5kg as we were weighing the logs against a 500g porridge packet. – the fire got quite hot and was still warm coming down in the morning…It has been much admired especially by my step dad-in-law who is a bit of an inventor himself.”

Stephen West and Shani Rhys James


From The Valleys Wales:

 “Hi Guy,

Just to let you know first winter with our ceramic stove heater, we were very warm and toasty in fact preferred it to putting the central heating on.

Here are a few more details, during the week when we are working it’s not lit until the evening, we burn about 6 -8 split logs in about four hours, this gets it really toasty. In comparison to a friends iron stove where they burn at least 1- 2 large flexi tubs full of logs. We are using a mix of hard and softwoods and find the softwood is great for getting the temp up quickly then the hard wood is great for sustaining the heat. 

We use the “top-down” method of lighting which is very quick and easy and never fails.

On the weekend we’ve kept it going for up to 16 hrs (we get up early!) and use anything between 15-20 split logs and have had no problems keeping warm…

All in all we are very happy and consider this to be one of the best purchases we have made and have no hesitation in recommending it and yourselves.

We are very interested in adding a top oven at a later date if you push forward with it and look forward to receiving updates from you.”
Peter and Lynda Chipperfield.


The top down burn, making the most of the wood.