Spring update, new designs and Spode contract.

Last week saw us turn over another exciting page of the CMS story.

We have been awarded the Spode works contract for a massive Homeheater. Spode in the heart of stoke on Trent, is one of the great centers for ceramics excellence. This purchase is a confirmation of our product’s design and performance. The present Spode refurbishment is including many ceramics experts who will have the opportunity to share our experience. We are looking forward to meeting many of them during the install next month.

One of our clients near Bristol has just had a second (modified) Homeheater installed. Due to the fairly low ceiling and at their request the Homeheater had the bottom ash door layer removed and two extra layers added. This will add another approximately two hundred kilos to the upper chamber and heat the rest of his house nicely. Bespoke heaters are possible on request. Theirs was a first of that configuration and we look forward to hearing the long term analysis of performance. Their first Homeheater works very well for them and they say it ‘transformed that side of the house’. Being an old miners cottage it needed extra heating, other methods (Central heating, night storage etc) were far less effective and more expensive they said.

The beams were salvaged from an ancient tall ship.

This is just drying out immediately after the installation.

by Guy