Our team of experts are here to help you to save money and the environment.

With a diverse range of experience and expertise, our team provide the skills necessary to design, engineer and produce our unique ceramic heater.

The picture on the right shows some of our team at the final of the Ignite business planning competition.  A short biography of each of our team members can be found below.

We are actively seeking to fill other positions as we expand, so please get in touch if you are interested in joining us.
(from left: Mick Hobbs, Guy Nott-Bower, Ignite 2012 chairman John Stewart).

Guy Nott-Bower (MBACC) – Director, networking and communications.

Having been an active environmentalist since 1980, Guy sees the implementation of Ceramic/Masonry stoves as a major step for the UK not only by reducing the carbon footprint, (by sourcing locally, using clean burning technology, etc.) but by eliminating our dependence on non- renewable resources. Security of supply has become a key drive for this kind of innovation.

Previously Guy qualified as an acupuncturist (MBAcC) and spent more than 14 years in China and Taiwan. This was where he was first introduced to the traditional K’ang Heaters, similar to the Roman hypocaust, another neglected, ancient heating solution (but not as efficient as the Scandinavian Masonry Stoves).

Currently he is the Regional coordinator of the British Acupuncture Council for West Devon and Cornwall, recently elected Withiel Parish Councillor and a Mandarin translator.


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Hugh Nott-Bower – Technical advisor and fundraiser.

Hugh has been in the building and interiors business for over 35 years. His diverse projects include swimming pools and tree houses – once he designed and built a veranda for Mel Gibson! He has a keen interest in green technologies, especially combustion efficiency. An experienced fundraiser, now Principle Director for the Kensal Town Fund.

Hugh started off in agriculture, having qualified from Cirencester Agricultural College. He also maintains of over twenty bee hives in West London.  He is a member of The Bee Unit, The London Bee Keeping association and the Newbury and Vale Bee keeping Associations.

He has had a number of media achievements, including a BBC credit for directing the “Headcase Hats” documentary. He’s also won “Reeley” film competition.



Michael Hobbs – Engineering and technical.

Michael is a retired Rocket engineer, with over 40 years experience in the engineering industry, including 33 years in Teddington Contrlos Ltd.

He has built over eight award winning models of steam trains and now designs and sailing yachts. Luckily for us he has also put his considerable knowledge and experience into the modernization of the traditional masonry stove.

His other training includes CNC setting, and FANUC OM-D Control. He’s also qualified to control C.M.M. machines.


Michael Hobbs has entirely manufactured this 12" high replica in his workshop. Seriously skilled work went in to produce this rare and beautiful engine.

Michael Hobbs has entirely manufactured this 12″ high replica in his workshop. Seriously skilled work went in to produce this rare and beautiful engine.


Additional support:

Ceramics specialist Paul Jackson (Helland Bridge Potteries), who has assisted in many ways, including the development of our unique ‘firestone’ formulae.

The Kaolin experts at Goonvean Laboratories, who have tested several differing mixes for their tensile strengths and other properties essential to the robustness of our masonry core.

The experts at Imerys, one of the largest extractors of ‘China clay’ from Cornwall.  Minerologist and refractories specialist Geoff Bly at Imerys has given us some invaluable advice about refractories and sources of Metakaolin. Their refractories team in the laboratories in Paris have done some detailed research into a number of technical problems which have been solved.

Special thanks to Genine Ascis the technical developer of refractories for Kerneos in western Europe.

Steve Ball, of Blisland, Cornwall, an Ironmonger and welding specialist who’s skilled work has hand crafted the Barnheater doors.  He’s certainly an expert in his field.

Julian Nott-Bower, sculptor and bronze casting specialist.  he has translated the original designs of the Home, Barn and Castle Heaters into 3D images. This has been of immense help in the perfection of the ceramic heater prototypes.

Many other people have helped with research and development, so we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed in bringing our masonry stoves to life.