Stone masonry from the U.S

A Beautiful piece of Stonemasonry, Fischer Mueri from the USA.

Here are some links to articles which we think may interest you.

A ‘Top down burn’ demonstration using the Homeheater. How to get the most out of your wood.

Ceramic arts daily has an article on how to build a classic tile stove
The Kachelofen, its time has come again.

The Masonry Stove.

Green architecture.

The Masonry Heater Association, USA.

Pyromass has a video of the Masonry stove firebox in action, and a lot of information.
Pyromasse: Secondary Combustion video

Low Tech Magazine has a great article with excellent photos, well worth a visit.

Thank you to Paul Moslin, Whobuilds bespoke masonry stoves in Scotland.
Another excellent link from his site is: Canadian Stove Builders of very fancy masonry stoves Here.

“The exterior of a Masonry Stove can look stunning”

Brunner Masonry stoves are stylish and quite beautiful:

wood burners for sale

Jessica of Stone house pottery in Canada has built some beautiful kachelofen tile stoves.

Gimme Shelter Construction have built a large number of stylish facings for masonry stoves, this page is well worth browsing for ideas.

wood burners for sale

Nordic has an article about Scandinavian stoves, their resurgence and value.

This Russian expert explains the advantages of the System of “free gas movement”,

Paul Jackson – Studio Potter He is a well known Cornish potter who shared his time, kilns and expertise. Thank you Paul.

How about engineering a quick conversion of your chimney to save a lot of heat? This looks inspiring and not too tricky.
These guys are thinking out of the box! Geopathfinder.

Aprovecho: Improved Biomass Cooking Stoves
Some of these little Stoves use 40-50% less fuel and reduce emissions by 50-75% compared to cooking with an open fire.
Each stove prevents 60%, or 1.5 tons, of green house gas emissions every year it is used. Not bad at less than £10!

One of our clients has a wonderful guest house in Cornwall in a state of the art MVHR home. ‘HEADLAND’ Designed by EMMA AND DENNIS WIEHAHN
shortlisted for the CORNWALL SUSTAINABLE AWARDS 2014

Rothschild Heater, Small House, Big Heater. Massive more like. We have modern designs for this kind of all in one boiler stove.

Rocket mass stoves are similar in function to traditional masonry stoves they are an interesting development in new heating ideas.

The Austrian association of Masonry stove builders has a lot of info and some entertaining pictures:

Heated Benches

Heated benches are easy to install and popular in Austria, this stove (Right, above) appears to be clad in wood! This chap looks comfortable.

Masonry stoves come from a European tradition dating back nearly 500 years. During the period from 1550 to 185o Europe was caught up in an intense cold period known geologically as a Little Ice Age. During this period of time wood for heating homes was at an all time premium and the Europeans needed to be extremely efficient about how they used this scarce resource. Necessity is genuinely often the mother of invention and in this case the invention was the masonry heater or masonry stove. From the Bio Energy webpage.

Vintage Elements sells a wide range of over 200 Tiled stoves – their catalogue is fascinating.

How Big are we? This fun website explains the scale of things: zoom, in or out. Humbling.