Masonry stoves achieve extremely high efficiency ratings and low particular emissions:

  • Uniquely stylish in feel with naturally white ceramic, they perform at double the efficiency of most other log burners.
  • This is done by trapping heat and any unburned gasses in the looped flues. Rather than letting the heat escape out the chimney, they guide it to encircle the firebox where it is absorbed into the body of the heater. That is why the chimney temperature of our Homeheater is half that of any other comparable heater at only 154°C, a sure measure of performance.
  • Masonry stoves burn at a higher temperature in the upper firebox than ordinary wood burners, this consumes more of the smoke (hydrocarbons) – creating more heat and less emissions in the form of soot, smoke and tar deposits.
  • Most Masonry heaters are traditionally made with hundreds of high temperature fire bricks and/or Soapstone or other stone. Our stoves are hand cast with local porcelain grade ‘china clay’. Our formula is based on the one used for making crucibles.
  • Our unique ceramic formula is key to the high performance of the heater. It consists of a finely balanced blend of locally sourced Cornish kaolins which both absorbs heat quickly and radiates it out slowly, thereby keeping warm overnight. That means a lot less reloading. (for technical details of performance please see products page). In technical terms it is known as a ‘Heat Accumulating’ stove. Much larger versions are known as tile stoves or Kachelofens abroad.
  • The innovative Homeheater integrates the experience of Scandinavian Masonry Stove design to produce a unique heater tailored to Britain’s climate.
  • The steady heat output compares with an AGA or other kinds of oil burner, but the running costs and cost to the environment do not.
  • It performs like a traditional boiler but looks great in the centre of your living room.
  • A large firebox means it can accommodate logs of up to 42 cms..



The Homeheater can:

  • Cut your heating bills by more than 60%.
  • Reduce your dependence on imported LPG or oil and non renewable resources.
  • Save you time – not requiring constant refilling.

The Ceramic.

We spent five years perfecting the blend for our ceramic fire brick, with help from some of the most respected refractory laboratories in the world. Pretty quickly we realized that we were standing on a goldmine of Cornish Clay – some of the finest in the world. Historically it has been exported to China to satisfy their demand for the finest quality porcelain but if you want to make a crucible for melting steel, wings for the space shuttle or fine sculpture then this is also the best material. This quality is largely due to the age and compression of the clays over countless millennia.

We experimented with the required properties:

– Durability- the ability to withstand the forces of thermal shock and thermal cycling- the heating and cooling of the heater’s walls
– Performance-  the capability to absorb that heat and radiate it out slowly.

The resulting formula has both tremendous strength and the required high density to literally suck in the heat. The fine balance of ingredients gives us the exact quality of ceramic necessary.

The future looks bright for the company as now we have this remarkabe ceramic formula that can craft more or less anything – our bespoke

Barnheater, Magnum, pizza oven( see below)  and fire bowls are cases in point.




The Homeheater with Pizza/bread oven added.


Top Down Burn Demo