eco stove

Our long term goal is to help save the planet’s precious resources, by finding ways to burn wood more efficiently and conserve the heat more effectively.

Innovation, The continual quest for further knowledge, Improvement of designs and Dedication to quality are our core goals.

Through these we have designed the first masonry-type eco stove to be manufactured in this country. Some of the genius of this technology was first invented to counter deforestation in Scandinavia some 250 years ago. Their winding chimney systems are a plentiful source of inspiration which we wish to share, to conserve resources.

One goal is to inform people that inefficient heating should be a wasteful thing belonging to the past. Heat shouldn’t be spewed out into the atmosphere.This quote was and remains a clear reminder to us of this age old problem:

eco stove“In old English country houses, you often find very wide and heavy chimneys through which you can look up to the stars in the sky. I have asked old people in both England and Scotland how it is possible to stand this?”

Sigurd Erixon,Sigurd Stockholm,Sigurd 1937.

The full Quote can be found on our history page.

One of our first inspirations for the Homeheater was the excellent ‘Book of Masonry Stoves’ by David LyleWe.  From this and other influences we have produced the first modular, state-of-the-art British Ceramic Masonry Stove..

It ticks all the boxes for the environmentalist: it is clean burning, highly efficient and able to burn more or less anything, tailored to burning renewable biofuels and waste wood. It’s a truly unique ‘Eco Stove’.

We believe in taking an ethical approach to our work, as well as to the environment.  As a result, our company offers the workforce shares in the company with high regard to the health and safety of our workforce. We hand cast the ceramic with great care not to damage the environment around us.
We champion equal opportunities and financial transparency.
We encourage all members to have their say in the improvement of manufacture and quality controls.
We are dedicated to conservation of traditional sustainable building and employ stonemasons to clad the cores, helping to preserve their traditional skills.

Recently we have had feedback from an elderly local Stonemason who was thankful for the opportunity to work indoors during cold and wet weather. The News section has a related article about out participation in a workshop with Cornwall’s Sustainable Building Trust.

Our goal is to see our brand especially, and ‘Masonry’ type heating generally, become a popular option for home heating around this country and the rest of the world.

We provide jobs for tile and ceramic designers and encourage innovative aesthetic designs, and our cooperation with Central London’s Saint Martins College of Artand Design is evidence of this.

Our products are built to be environmentally sound, and have the potential to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint considerably if they are adopted by local housing markets as they are in Finland.
We have a great respect for tradition in this area of human knowledge.
A long history of research and testing, especially in Scandinavia and other areas around the Arctic circle has made our invention possible. The amount of testing done by previous generations into the flue configuration possibilities and constraints is immense. Couple this with the years of R&D that went into perfecting ceramic formulas, from the time of the Romans and beyond, and our own contemporary findings that were aided by experienced refractories laboratories in both the UK and France, shows that this project is a culmination of generations of know how. The history section has more on this.

Our great respect for science and its power to protect our beautiful planet is one of our core messages.

The Future.

We have the team to create new and exciting heaters with exceptional capabilities, just think of the many uses of ceramic today, even space craft are coated in it!

Every week our designs are being tested and improved. We are constantly learning more about this immense subject of heating efficiency, and applying it to our prototypes. This is our mission.

Innovation to us means painstaking Research, rigorous Testing and Perseverance. As they say, 10% inspiration 90% perspiration!

Our team is indebted to the ‘Technical Bods’ at Imerys and Goonvean laboratories for their extensive help, thanks to them and others our unique ceramic can withstand thermal shock and thermal cycling safely and reliably. This has opened up a huge range of possibilities for new prototypes.

While we look forward to the future it is key that we preserve this planet, the only one we know of out of the trillions discovered that supports life. We hope that awareness of the planet’s complexity and immense age will encourage conservation of resources. Heating our homes efficiently is a part of that mission. We believe that even small changes can make a big difference – for example, the simple act of lighting a fire from the top down will save wood!


The ‘Top down burn’.
As the wood heats it releases volatile components which are not wasted. This is a more efficient way of burning your fire because the gasses released by the heat are better consumed by the flames.